The Mother-to-Mother (M2M) group is one of the most popular and rewarding forums of the BBN. The aim of this group is for mothers to support one another as we experience the joys, frustrations and uncertainties that come with motherhood. In this group, we discuss our parenting experiences and draw from each other to become the mothers we want to be.

The M2M group meets once a month and is for all new, expectant and experienced mothers and support people. You can come to these meetings to listen and share experiences about doctors, hospitals, birth and parenting. Each month, we discuss a topic. Examples of topics we have covered include birth stories, vaccinations, sleep issues and breastfeeding. The topics help start and direct the discussions, but we always make time for open discussion to address any parenting or birth-related issue.

Hard copies of completed BBN Maternal Care Surveys are available at these meetings if you are interested in more detailed information on a particular hospital or doctor.

The venue of the group changes each month, so we can reach mothers in all parts of Bangalore.  At times, we may repeat a topic at venues located at opposite ends of the city. 

Join us by going through our event listings or emailing the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the next meeting location, time and topic.