The Bangalore Birth Network (BBN) is a grassroots organisation that was established in October 2007 by a group of volunteers – both healthcare professionals and concerned citizens. As expectant parents searched for supportive, humane, natural birth experiences, they turned to local professionals, and the BBN was spontaneously formed.

As the BBN met and grew, the group realised it was a part of a larger movement in India. While cities, such as Delhi and Chennai, began establishing their own childbirth advocacy groups, a national group, Birth India, based in Mumbai was also formed in 2007.

Birth India mentors regional networks and organises an annual national conference where BBN members meet with other childbirth advocacy groups in India to share ideas and work together on national issues. Locally, the BBN agenda continues to be set by immediate needs and trends in Bangalore. 

Currently in Bangalore, most births take place in hospitals attended by doctors and managed as medical conditions. Choices are limited, and there is a need for more resources, patience and support for women seeking natural childbirth. The BBN spontaneously grew out of this need.